Things to Expect at First Family Festival

You may have come last year or this might be the first time. But if you’re unsure, let us paint a picture for you of what In It Together will be like for your family. Memories will be made and that sweet sound of joy will encompass the weekend. So take a look below, because we can promise you one thing, this will be a weekend you never forget…

DAY 1 – Thursday 25th May

You planned ahead so bought the Early Access Thursday Campers add on so you pull up to Old Park Farm ready for the 12pm opening, find the perfect spot in the middle of the family camping area and set up your tent. You’ve got everything set up so you take a moment to appreciate the view, the Steelworks in the distance, the smell of fresh green countryside and a festival arena you can’t wait to get into. But for now, you head over to the Campers Party at Parc Stage with headliner Natalie Imbruglia and amazing support Sandi Thom, Jaguar Skills, Year Of The Dog and more which is the perfect way to kick off your festival weekend!

DAY 2 – Friday 26th May

You had so much fun last night at the campers party that you wake up this morning refreshed and the kids are as excited as you are! You know th

at you want to see The Kooks while the other half wants to see Groove Armada and take in a little comedy so you strike up a deal, Tic Tac Toe first and then you’ll take it in shifts.

In Tic Tac Toe you discover that it is an incredible area for kids and adults alike with circus performances, a superhero academy, science activities and the bushing up on your football skills at the sports academy. The kids are so excited that they drag you in different directions wanting to watch and be a part of everything they can see. They spend the entire day there while you dip in and out to catch the acts you want to see on the Parc Stage and grab some much needed food from one of the incredible vendors on site.

The sun starts to go down and you notice there is an outdoor cinema showing your child’s favourite film so what better way to get them ready for bed than a film and a cuddle.

DAY 3 – Saturday 27th May

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for – Anne Marie is playing tonight and you have to be there – you’ve also decided that you’ll introduce the kids to pop’s best female artists.

You spend the day dipping in and out of Tic Tac Toe and the fairground on site (how many times will your child want to ride the ferris wheel?!). You get your phone out and start capturing those laughs and smiles so you never forget the memories you’re making with them, and knowing full well that on Tuesday you’ll get the photos printed and hung on the wall.

You hear the familiar sounds of Craig Charles coming from the Wonky Lizzard, you saw him last year and know that you cannot miss this! With some classics playing in the background, you see your kids in the corner of your eye. They’re discovering dinosaurs and mesmerised by the circus – at this moment in time you know one thing’s for sure. You’d spend countless hours here with them, and will never drake for granted how precious these moments are.

As the sun starts to go down, you notice that the Vamps are just wrapping up and you run for Parc Stage with the kids under your arms, determined not to miss this. On she comes, Anne Marie. With that first chord, you’re in your element and look down, your kids are amazed!

DAY 4 – Sunday 28th May

It’s the last day at In It Together and you want to savour every moment – no rushing around today. You stop at the Paddock Stage, and take in some of Wales’ newest talent. Pass by the fairground again for a few more goes of the helter skelter, and grab some breakfast and decide to take a yoga class for all the family!

You walk past Parc Stage and can’t help but stop for UB40 before you make your way back to Tic Tac Toe because you promised your kids. Your parents are there too and you spend the rest of the day being a family and making memories.

As the sun goes down, you lay down a blanket and finish the day watching James, Parc Stage before heading back to the tent while your other half takes in Chase & Status. You’ll leave packing till tomorrow because you don’t want anything to ruin the perfect last day.

DAY 5 – Monday 29th May

You’ve set alarms and woken up early to pack the car and head home. You’ve had the best weekend you could have possibly imagined so there’s only one thing to do when you walk through the front door – book tickets to In It Together Festival 2024.

We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to ensure that you and your family have the best experience at In It Together and making sure that you make memories that last a lifetime and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Family tickets start from just £339. You can pay in full and receive free Early Access and Thursday Campers Party or spread the cost over 5 months by paying a £20 deposit and nothing more ’till after Christmas! Book Now