The Myth of Masculinity – Dan Stanley
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The Myth of Masculinity – Dan Stanley

Dan is a retired award-winning senior army commando, a key decision maker in a multi-million pound service business and a former national sporting champion in indoor rowing.


After the birth of his first child, he experienced a mid-life crisis.  He was forced to learn who he truly was; and to accept his failings as a man.  He discovered the answers to these questions by embarking on a journey of introspection, personal growth and deliberate action. 


His life-changing journey to become an emotionally aware yet resilient man proved to be turbulent but transformative.  He turned his mid-life crisis into a mid-life transformation.  Now Dan is an expert in men’s development and performance and is the founder of BetterMen, a coaching practice working exclusively with men in high pressure roles.  Additionally, he is the facilitator of Men & Mountains; a monthly men’s walking community with over 220 members across the UK.


Dan has coached hundreds of men including millionaire business owners, national vice presidents, sportsmen and celebrities.  Alongside helping his clients improve their wellbeing, relationships and work life balance, he’s helped men to change or re-ignite their careers, save their marriages and even to exit businesses for 7 figure sums.


Dan will be talking about what he calls ‘the myth of masculinity’ and why professional success doesn’t equal personal happiness.