Breathwork and Meditation – Nicky
In It Together Festival

Breathwork and Meditation – Nicky

I’m Nicky, and I’m the owner & founder of award-winning SoulTree Therapies.

At SoulTree Therapies, I am passionately dedicated to helping people heal – whether through a massage, releasing physical tension, knots and stress, to Reiki Energy Healing, cleansing & clearing the body of stagnant & negative energy, releasing stress & anxiety, or helping release deep-rooted trauma, for example, thus reenergising the whole energetic system and bringing you back into alignment….


I am also a Meditation & Breathwork teacher, so at this years awesome festival, I shall be bringing a deeply relaxing Meditation Hour for you to chill, unwind, and release any stress or tension in your mind, body, and soul….


We will start with some gentle Pranayama – breathing exercises to calm, focus & clear the mind, followed by a guided meditation ( you just lie back & relax! ), closing with some gentle sound healing using Tibetan Cymbals, Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes & Bar Chimes – this will raise your vibration in the body using sound frequencies!


I’m so excited to be bringing this to you at the In It Together Festival! See you there!!🙏🏼🌸😃


Nicky xx