Travelling to In It Together Festival

Did you know that there is more than 1 way to get to In It Together Festival?

There are multiple transport options for getting to Old Park Farm, so we thought we’d combine all the information in one post and take all the stress of planning your journey away!


We’ve partnered with National Express to provide WEEKEND RETURN transfers starting from just £20 and departing from 13 major towns and cities across the UK.

They’ll be providing return transfers starting from just £20 and departing from 13 major towns and cities across the UK. They’ll drop you off right at the campsite!

You can book your travel via the National Express Website, found here.


Not camping? Struggling to figure out how to get to and from the festival? Well, worry no more! We’ve got the perfect solution! Introducing regular DAILY shuttle buses to and from In It Together festival for ONLY £15 RETURN 🙌

We’ve got daily shuttles coming from
➡️ Cardiff
➡️ Newport
➡️ Swansea
➡️ Bridgend
➡️ Merthyr
➡️ Neath
➡️ Port Talbot Train Station (just £6 return!)

And that’s not all, we’ve got buses leaving from 21:30 – 02:30 so you can return home when you’re good and ready 🤯

There are only LIMITED spaces so make sure you pre-book your space as they run on a first come first served basis! Just select Travel before checking out, BOOK NOW!


You can also drive to In It Together. The site is easily accessible being only 5 minutes from the M4 and parking is available onsite. You can purchase your weekend parking pass under the add ons section HERE!

We’re also proud to announce we’ve teamed up with Veygo, so, if you’re heading to the In It Together Festival in 2023 and want to share the driving, borrow a car to drive down or you need to change the designated driver at short notice, Veygo might be able to help you.

Got loads of stuff to get to the festival but don’t fancy the bus or train, but you don’t have a car, well maybe, just maybe your parents or close mates might be willing to lend you their car. Veygo can help with short-term insurance to make sure you’re covered without the worry of affecting their no claims bonus if there was an accident.

There’s loads more benefits with temporary insurance from Veygo with all the info HERE.